Life at Pership

Pership is a knowledge-basedgroup of companies that has been built on generations of rich traditions, framed by ethics, fortified with humility and powered by the spirit of innovation.That is why our relationships, journeys and accomplishments over the last 130 years have been wholesome; enriching our principles, communities and all our stakeholders. To that extent, our human capital is the most sought-after stock in Sri Lanka that nurtures Sri Lankan talent and does Sri Lanka proud.


Pership as an equal opportunity employer attracts high caliber of individuals with great ambition and desire to make this world a better place. They are rich with life experiences, knowledge, open-minded and are confident to venture into unchartered territories or take on any challenge. They are inherently smart, strong and adaptable to any situation.

Living the Pership culture

We believe in making a meaningful contribution to our lives, company, to all our stakeholders and to our mother earth. To this extent our culture is one of simple virtues where we reach for the stars with utmost strength and land firmly on our feet with great honour.

Achiever of 2020

This is an award given based on the level of progress each one of us have made in acquiring knowledge, building new relationships and fuelling innovations.